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Contest:              2023 ICN Brisbane Classic
Contest Date:     Sunday April 24th from 9am
Max Divisions:   8 including your first division
Entries Close:     Midnight Monday April 18th  
Venue:                 Sleeman Sports Complex, Tilley Rd, Chandler
Tickets:                GA $45 – Uni / Pensioners $35 – High School $25

Website:                   www.icompetenatural.com
Phone:                      Jason Woodforth 0403 498 444
Email:                        qld@icompetenatural.com

Entry Fees:
Entry Fee:            $180 (includes first division)
Additional Divisions: $80 per extra division

To Enter Click Here:


This event form will inform you on the following:

  1. This event qualifies you for..
  2. Divisions Offered
    3. Photo’s-(on stage and backstage)
    5. Check in
    6. The Venue
    7. Running Order
    8. Back Stage
  3. Sports Model Outfits
    10. Men’s Fitness Shorts
    11. Men’s Physique Shorts
    12. Tickets for Spectators
  4. Contact us
  5. Social Media



  1. This Event qualifies you for:

By competing in this event and placing top 5, you will qualify for the City Nationals in Sydney on May 15th & the Australian Titles October 8/9th on the Gold Coast.


  1. Divisions:
  • Please note that in the final week we make alterations to divisions based on the number of entries, this includes splitting up divisions into height classes where required, and combining or deleting divisions based on numbers. The following divisions are offered:


Angels:                                  Open
Swimwear:                           First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, 30+
Bikini:                                    First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, Momma, 21’s, 30+, 40+, 50+
Fitness Model:                    First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, Momma, 30+, 40+, 50+
Sports Model:                     First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, Momma, 21 & under, 30+, Sports Model con’t        40+, 50+
Ms Figure:                            First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, Under 52kg, 52kg+, 30+, 40+, Ms Figure con’t                      50+, 60+
Ms Classic Figure:              First Timers, Open, 40+ (was known as Figure International)
Women’s BB:                      Open
Ms Runway:                         Open
Ms Streetwear:                  Open

Male Divisions

Fitness:                                 First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, 30+, 40+
Male Muscle Model:         Open
Mens Streetwear:              Open
Physique:                             First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open Weight Classes, 30+, 40+
Classic Physique:                First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open
Body Building:                    Juniors, First Timers, Rookie, Novice, Open, 40+, 50+, 60+
Body Building con’t           Under 72kg, Under 77kg, Under 82kg, Over 82kg.


Again please note that the above divisions can be split or combined depending on entry numbers, this is done in the last week. We will keep you well informed as we approach the last week with possible height splits or divisions that will be combined.

Please check on the ICN website for a full description of each event.



  1. Photos:

The Official photographer (Durran Olsen) has allowed for photos to be prepaid via the entry form at a reduced cost. Pre-paid photos will cost $99.00 (all divisions you have entered. After the event photos can still be ordered. First division costing $99.00 and a further $15.00 for each additional division. Post comp please order via email to qld@icompetenatural.com
Backstage STUDIO Photos:

Nelson Azevedo will be taking random backstage photos and will email you all a link the day after the show with how to view and purchase his pics.


  1. DVD:

There is no DVD of this event.


  1. Registration / Check in:
    Early registration is available at the venue the day before, Saturday 23rd between 12pm and 2pm. However if you are unable to attend this check-in, you are able to check-in on the day. If checking in to collect your pack on the day please collect your pack 2 hours before your estimated stage time. And a friend can pick up your pack for you.

The pack will contain your all-important contest number. You will receive two contest numbers, one to wear on the front and one to wear on the back, please use the same number for all divisions entered. We will let you know your number on the Wednesday morning before the show after entries have closed.


  1. The Venue:
    This event will be held at:
    Sleeman Sports Complex, Tilley Rd, Chandler
    Please note that the venue may charge for parking, this is out of our control and at present we can’t confirm if this will or will not happen.


  1. Running order:



  1. Backstage:
    Backstage will open at 6am and will be decked out in our usual feast of food and drinks free to competitors. We will have a variety of food, from lollies, chocolates, fruit, nuts, tim-tams and pizza, along with a range of drinks which include soft drinks, sugar free beverages and water.

Bring your own weights/bands to pump up if required.

We ask all competitors to respect the venue. Competitors must bring a towel (or similar), wear appropriate shoes (sandals), competitors must be fully clothed before sitting on the chairs at the venue, and we also ask to please try your best to not lean or touch the walls or columns backstage. There will be a protective plastic coating on the walls and other areas of the venue, please do not remove this.

  • Please note you will receive one back stage pass for one helper, your back stage helper still needs to buy a ticket to enter the venue, but they will be able to access backstage with you. You the competitor do not require a ticket to get in.


  1.  Sports Model Outfits:

Sports models will receive a ‘sports model’ outfit at registration / check in. Please note that the outfits are one size fits all.


  1.  Men’s Fitness / Male Muscle Model / Classic Physique Outfits:
    Outfits will be supplied with shorts for these divisions, these shorts are one size fits all and you will get these at registration / check in.


  1.  Men’s Physique Shorts:
    Men’s physique competitors will need to provide own shorts. These shorts are to be a ‘board short’ type of pant that goes to your knees. Any colour, any design (plain colours are best!) and must be knee length.


  1.  Tickets for Spectators:
    Tickets will be available from the door on the day of the event.  


  1. Contact Us:
    If you have any questions or enquiries please don’t hesitate on contacting one of our ICN team members.

Website: www.icompetenatural.com

Phone: 0403 498 444

Email: qld@icompetenatural.com


  1. Social Media:
    Please note we also update all comp information on our social media, so be sure to join our …..

Instagram page – ICNQLD

Facebook Fan page – ICNQLD

Facebook Closed Group Page – ICNQLD Community (Def join this closed group!)

APP – http://app.icnqld.com.au/